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Previously know as: I just came to say aloe.

Niall grunts as he falls into the dry white sandy bank. Louis had jumped on him and was now sitting on his back.
"Louis!!! Niall was sick only a few minutes ago" Harry yells at the suspender-wearing acrobat.
"He's fine now, is that right?" Louis asks while shaking Niall by the ears, trying to be funny.
"Oww! That actually hurt" Niall says with teary eyes.
Niall pushes Louis off him and runs down the shoreline, away from the two brunettes.
"Now you have done it, Louis" Harry scuffs
"It was a joke, normally has no problem with my jokes" Louis retorts
"Whatever" harry disregards Louis and walks slowly down the beach to go find Niall.
"I'm sorry" Louis says quietly under his breath while grabbing two handfuls of hot dry course sand.


Zayn walks along the shore through the dry loose sand, in deep though. While ignoring the sounds he wanted to find. Like the soothing tide waning in and out or the sand softly crunching under his pointed leather shoes.
"Liam is such a dick!!" Zayn says to himself as he inhales from his smoke and Zayn thinks back to only a few minutes ago…

Annoyed with Harry and Niall, Zayn decided to leave the toilets and head to the beach to enjoy his smoke and enjoy the relaxing sounds. As he walked around the corner to the beach he found himself being stopped by Liam.
"Ahh fuck", Zayn mumbles and quickly realizes he can't avoid Liam this time.
Liam grabs Zayn by the shoulders and pushes him against the rough toilet exterior wall.
"Zayn your like a crow; they are beautiful, dark but they can sound pretty harsh on your ears. But when you ruffle their feathers they become so adorable" Liam says with a devilish grin.
Liam loved to upset him, anything to disrupt Zayn's highly stung appearance and ruffle the dark skinned boy's emotional feathers, weather it would be from dirty talking, flirting or a slight grope with the back of his hand.
Zayn bites down on his lower lip, damn Liam was sexy when he was aggressive.
"Oh you like being throw around, hey Zayn?" Liam remarks when he notices the lip biting.
Zayn begins to blush and can't find the words, to reply with.
Liam pushes himself into Zayn, now the boys eyes are locked and Liam is so close to Zayn they are breathing the same air.
Zayn lets out a slight moan, and moves his head to the right to try and hide his embarrassment.
Liam takes advantage of Zayn's exposed neck and begins nuzzling into his neck and softly starts to bite.
A grunt stutters from Zayn's mouth.
Zayn's suddenly heaps the footsteps heading toward them from inside the toilet.
Zayn pushes Liam away from him and whispers: Harry and Nialler are coming!!
Liam moves to Zayn's right side away from the door and proceeds to nibble on Zayn's earlobe and starts talking dirty into Zayn's ear: "Imagine if I pinned you down in front of the boys and I started grinding into you?"
Zayn's tanned face starts to go bright red and doesn't know what to say, so he tries to laugh it off but then he hears Harry's smart remark.
"Are you guys alright?"

BUSTED! Zayn thinks. He tries to talk it off but gets words stuck in his throat. So he decides its time to get the hell out of check and he walks away quickly. While his legs carry him he breathes in his smoke as hard as possible, to try and regain his composure and heart rate.

Thinking about what just happened gets Zayn angrier, he can feel all his rage coming to the surface. All that embarrassment and sexual tension.
"DICK HEAD" Zayn screams as he kicks a piece of dry wood and it skims along the sand and hits into the wooden dock leg only a few feet away.
"What… me?"
Zayn looks over to see Niall sitting under the dock with tears in his eyes and running down his cheeks,
"No Nialler -- its just – don't worry" Zayn grunts out, with an attempt at compassion for the crying lad.
"Look—umm – its hard too –" Zayn keeps stuttering on his words.
More tears begin to pour from Niall's big blue eyes
"Sorry buddy, wanna hug it out?" Zayn offers with open arms.
For Zayn it is a big deal to offer any support, particularly something like a hug. Without thinking, Niall falls into Zayn. His hands are in fists and kept close to his own chest while Zayn's tanned arms wrap around the Irish boy, offering support.
Zayn can feel the hot tears soaking into his black baggy singlet and he pulls Niall in closer.
He then looks upwards to the dock and notices that Harry and Liam are on the dock looking down at the two hugging, both with great anger in there eyes.
He can feel the two boys hateful stares going right into Zayn.
FUCKKKKKKKK!!! Zayn thinks to himself.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Yay! Not even a day has past and another chapter is up!

So this chapter had some Ziam and Ziall scenes, but that doesnt mean they will be the ending couple! you will have to keep reading haha

I hope no-one gets angry because i made Zayn an ice queen and Liam sexually aggressive! But i feel that Ziam isnt a popular ship... maybe its because they are the most manliest members of DA :)

Any guesses on who will reach Zayn first? Liam or Harry?
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mintypuck Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Teeheehee im spreading the word for male directioners! Stumbled apon ur fic on accident best choice....ever
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this is a really cool story!
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"weather it would be from dirty talking" whether*

Other than that, very fun chapter :3
DannyJarratt Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
i read it aloud 3 times, to make sure it was all good with spelling and pacing.
On the plus side. i just finished chapter 3 :D
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Emma-Stilinski Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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i just wrote it up.
but ill post it tomorrow, it needs some editing and more tension!
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why do i feel 2am is the best time to write fan fic lol
Emma-Stilinski Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahaha okay
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