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Louis walks through the front door and sighs.
He looks over at the clock; 10:45pm. It was another late night at the office. Who knew that working at a law firm would have such long hours?
Exhausted, Louis drops his briefcase lazily on the ground. The contents pile out all over the ground, pages and pages of legal documents, Louis looks at the mess and sighs. He doesn't have the energy to deal with it and just walks over the pile into the kitchen.

"Oh your home" say Louis roommate, a young blonde Irish student called Niall.
"Yeah it was another big day" Louis replies, with another sigh.
"If your hungry I could fix you something" Niall says with a smile.
"Nah, I have no appetite." Louis says, pulling out a chair at the table.
"I have just the thing for you" Niall says cheerfully.
Niall pulls a glass out the freezer and bourbon from the cupboard. He is quickly juggling the glasses and bottle.  Niall had grown up in a circus as a child and he really was amazing at juggling. He catches the glass and slides it at Louis and splashes bourbon toward the tanned boy.  Louis leans back with squints his eyes, afraid of the objects getting thrown at him. The glass stops just short of the boy and the bourbons lands perfectly in the glass.

"Ta-Da!" Niall says with a grin.
"Wow, you never stop surprising me Niall" Louis says as he sips the cold brown liquid.
“Well I have a bigger surprise for you." Niall says quietly. Look at the ground.
Louis cocks his eyebrow; he has never seen the boy act shy or coy before.
"What’s that Niall?" Louis says curiously.
"Well I know we are roommates, but-- bu-- but I’m in l-    l --- l ---- I love you" Niall stammers
Louis just stares at the embarrassed Irish boy. He was only sixteen, Louis was twenty-six.
"You know Niall, we have a big age difference" Louis explains carefully.
"I don't care, I still love you and I can wait till I'm eighteen, if you want" Niall says stamping his foot on the ground.
"I don't care either, I just wanted to make sure you where okay with it before I did this" Louis says softly.
"Do what?" Niall asks, still looking at the ground.
"This" Louis says places his finger and thumb on Niall’s chin and pulling him up to a kiss.
Niall steps up on to the balls of his feet, returning the kiss.
The kiss lasts for a few seconds before Louis lets go.
"What is that all I get?" Niall asks sadly.
"What where you hoping for?" Louis asks.
Niall grabs Louis hand and pulls him though the loungeroom and up the stairs.
Niall sits on the bed and looks up at Louis.
"I love you too, Niall" Louis says with a smile.
"I love me too,” Niall says, sticking out his tongue.
“That’s it, your get taught a lesson” Louis says with a devilish grin.

Louis and Niall are now topless, and deep in a kiss. Louis tongue is invading Niall’s mouth and Niall lets out a light moan and grabs onto Louis hips. Niall gulps as Louis undoes his drawstring on his tracksuit pants, even though his pants are tented, the fabric still offers some protection.
Louis plants light kisses down Niall’s body and stops at his light trail of pubes.

Louis lips are quickly dancing up and down Niall’s shaft. Niall moans loudly and puts his hands on Louis head. Louis lips keep working up and down and his hands are holding down Niall’s excited hips. Niall gasps again and his dick starts to vibrate, a warm sensation burns in Niall's lower abdomen, waves of cum start to stream from Niall’s cock. Louis quickly moves his mouth up and down trying to swallow all of Niall’s sweet fluid.

The two lie in the sweat of there first time.  Niall finally catches his breath and snuggles up to Louis collarbone as Louis lays a kiss on Niall’s head.
"I love you" Louis pants.
"I love you too Louis"
Louis quickly falls asleep, today was a big day.
Taken from an anonymous prompt from My Tumblr

So what did you guys think?

please send me more fic requests/prompts to me.

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i hope thats a compliment  ^_^
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Thats the best KIND OF COMPLIMENT!
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